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Transport is the lifeline of the modern economy. Now with the government taking a keen interest in road logistics and infrastructure, there are significant new opportunities for transport operators. Which makes it one of the most competitive industries.

To have an edge in this tough industry, transporters need to constantly re-examine their business models and strategies. They have to be up-to-date with the latest developments in business, thought and practice. And they need to 'empower' themselves with the appropriate skills to improve operational eff iciencies, enhance quality of services and introduce value-added services.

To help professionals in the transport industry meet today's challenges and to take their businesses to new heights, Mahindra's Truck and Bus Division has pioneered 'MPOWER', a management development programme for Youth Transport Entrepreneurs with IIM, Ahmedabad as the knowledge partner.

Recently, the fourth batch of participants completed the MPOWER programme. Young transport entrepreneurs, who are all praise for this course, are already applying their learning in their businesses. Now, as we are about to begin a new batch, it is your turn to be a part of MPOWER and take your business places.



  • To professionalise the Indian trucking industry through management development initiatives for the key stakeholders in the industry.
  • To train youth transport entrepreneurs and empower them to outperform in the Indian trucking ecosystem.


Focus of the Course - What will the Youth Transport Entrepreneurs get out of it?

The programme is intended to help young transport entrepreneurs manage the growth of their organisation, prepare them to face issues that may come up and help them in decision-making in key areas such as:

  • PROFESSIONALISM: How can I help my company evolve from a family managed business to an enterprise run by professional managers?
  • BUSINESS PLANNING: How do I create a long-term business plan for my organisation? What is the process to be followed and what are the essential elements of the business plan?
  • MARKET AND SEGMENTS: How do I analyse industry trends and determine what markets and segments to focus on for the growth of my business?
  • HR PRACTICES: How do I manage the people and talent required for growth, with the practices of the world's leading transport companies? How do I address the troublesome issue of driver management so as to convert this key stakeholder into a business partner?
  • SERVICE QUALITY: What are the service quality expectations of my customers? What are the concepts and techniques that will help me in delivering my business into a 3PL/4PL, and what are the operational efficiencies that I can bring in?
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING: How do I get investments from PEs/VCs/banks for my growth aspirations? How do I view ROI differently?
  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: How can I grow my business into a 3PL/4PL, and what are the operational efficiencies that I can bring in?
  • LEGAL AND REGULATORY: What changes in the regulatory environment will have an impact on the transport business, and what do I need to do to adapt to and leverage these changes?
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: How is Information Technology playing a role in the transport industry, and how does one transition to a technology-enabled business?
  • INDUSTRY FOCUSED SESSIONS: What are the trends and opportunities in key customer industries like steel, cement, automotive, cold chain and retail and how can I cater to their transport requirements?


Darpana - Holding a mirror to your creative side.

What began as a dance academy sixty years ago is today a workshop for the arts. Darpana. It's where tradition meets technology to break down the boundaries of art and life. It's where performers from the worldover work together to open mindscapes through the arts.

The Academy's vision is to reinforce the role of creativity in culture, researching into our origins and reaching out to the unsaid or unthought of, with a language that is universal. Darpana today is a centre for artists committed to excellence, innovation and the excitement of using the arts for change.

Established by Mrinalini Sarabhai and Vikram Sarabhai in 1949, the Darpana Academy for Performing Arts has been directed by their daughter Mallika Sarabhai since 1977.

We call today the era of entrepreneurs. That belief has led to the launch of the 5th batch of MPOWER: the Management Development Program for the nextgen Youth Transport Entrepreneurs. On 1st of November, 2014, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, saw another set of participants of MPOWER, this time readying themselves for a more compact & effective 7 day program.

It's just the course duration that has changed. The guiding philosophy of the program remains empowering the next generation of India's transporters/ fleet owners to "Take forward their family business with their OWN vision", as propounded by Mr. Anand Mahindra in January 2013. That thought was echoed on the very same day by Mr. Nalin Mehta, who stressed on MTB wanting to "walk the talk". He was pointing at MTB's marketing campaign, which was an year old then, urging the nextgen of transporters to join their 'Papa ka Business'.

The program has grown from strength to strength, converting itself into an important cog in our effort to drive positive change in Indian Transport. This change is being driven top down with these initiatives and the numbers speak for themselves. With this batch we have involved 141 nextgen transporters who own over 37,000 trucks amongst themselves, with a combined turnover of Rs. 14,000 Crores employing over 37,000 people.

For the fifth MPOWER, 31 young transport entrepreneurs, the scions of the finest transport companies of India, selected by invitation, checked-in for the 7 day course. The course has been specifically designed keeping the transport sectors growth & issues in focus. Seven highly accomplished faculty members of IIMA will run the course that covers subjects like, PROFESSIONALISM, BUSINESS PLANNING, MARKET& SEGMENTS, HR PRACTICES, SERVICE QUALITY, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT& ACCOUNTING, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, LEGAL AND REGULATORY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRY FOCUSSED SESSIONS.


What has led us to continue the program? The successful engagement with the next-gen entrepreneurs has motivated us to reinvest in driving a positive change in the transport ecosystem while nurturing our business ties. The program today is in the league of other initiatives like the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards and Outperformers' League. All these initiatives will help us connect with various constituents of the Indian transport business at both the rational and emotional levels, which can be leveraged to build a strong transport ecosystem.

The Super Kids of the Transport Industry

Traditional family businesses are usually frowned upon by the next generation. Not because they have an urge to get stuck in a 9-5 job, but because they see this era as the age of techno-entrepreneurs. News of angel funding and investments flowing in to fuel the dreams of an out-of-garage entrepreneur to a B-school graduate, tickles their ambition. But there are some who are integrating the robustness of their father's business to the swiftness that this day offers.

We speak about the latest batch of Mahindra and Mahindra, Truck and Bus Division's program MPOWER, silently chiselling next generation transport entrepreneurs. The program, which is designed and conducted at IIM-A, churned out the 5th batch of the program. Aptly christened as MPOWER, the program takes the participants through a structured curriculum directed by Anand Mahindra's vision for the program 'Take forward your family business with your own Vision.'

In this particular batch, over 31 participants came to IIM-A, from 17 cities. The participants represented 14 load segments and owned 4500 trucks amongst themselves. By training these 31 participants, the program creates a positive ripple effect and changes the dynamics of a combined turnover of INR 1500 Crores & the lives of 4500 employees.

The batch which ended on the 8th of November, 2014, took the total participation of MPOWER to 141. Case study presentations, sessions with mentors and specialists, interaction with MPOWER War Room finalists peppered the program to provide great value for the participants. While learning how to create profit through process improvements was an expected outcome of the sessions, more humane conversations around driver relations and gaining family trust by implementing incremental positive change, widened the spectrum of the learning.

What is interesting to notice is the continuous belief and participation of the trucking industry in a program like MPOWER. It shows sure signs of evolution, drafting out a pathway towards professionalism in an otherwise rough and relatively unorganised sector. With efforts like these, Mahindra & Mahindra, Truck and Bus Division confirms its commitment towards building and developing not only their business, but the industry at large. Kudos to that.