Jury Role and Responsibility

Screening Jury - The members of the Screening Jury are responsible for screening the award entries to ensure they meet the basic qualifications as mentioned in the prospectus. Scoring is done based on quality of the entry and process compliance as per the prospectus. They also have the right to disqualify any entry that does not match the desired criteria, or any entry deemed inappropriate during the screening process.

Expert Jury - The Expert Jury teams are formed from industry experts who sit through the presentations of nominees shortlisted by the Screening Jury. Each jury team will have a minimum of 3 or more members who dedicate their time for the evaluation of award nominees. There will be a regional jury for 4 regions assigned with the responsibility of selecting regional winners as per the theme in the Fleet Owners/ Fleet Drivers category and nominating the Lady Transport Personality and Youth Transport Personality for National Winner evaluation. The jury team responsible for judging Highway Dhabas, Mechanics, Driver Training Initiatives and Customized Application Builders is formed by noteworthy personalities and industry experts. The Expert Jury will evaluate the nominees and score the entries. The auditors will tabulate and validate the scores to verify winners and short listed entries as the case may be.

Final Jury - The Grand Jury is responsible for selecting 1 or 2 winners per theme for each category. The final jury will be presented with entries shortlisted by the Expert Jury and will be asked to score them. Based on tabulated results and validation by auditors final winners are selected from each category.