Jury Process Flow

Here is a brief description of the process flow through which the members of our elite jury panel scrutinize, evaluate and validate entries received for the awards:

The initial stage of the validation process begins with the Screening Jury, which evaluates and filters all the entries received.

The participating entries that pass the initial screening are shortlisted to be presented to an Expert Jury. This jury comes together and nominees present their case in person or by a telephonic discussion. The Expert Jury will fill in their scores and hand it to the auditors for further processing.

After tabulating the scores, the top two from each category are shortlisted for the next round. The regional winners will be nominated for the national awards where a Grand Jury will evaluate them for their respective category.

The regional nominee cases will be presented to the Grand Jury where they will discuss, evaluate and score them. The tabulated scores will be compiled to arrive at the final winners for each category. After which the auditors will validate these winners as per the process.

The awards night will be the final event to felicitate the regional and national winners for each category.