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On Saturday, the 5th of March, 2016, the ninth batch of MPOWER - the Management Development Program for the nextgen Youth Transport Entrepreneurs - was kicked-off at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). This batch has 25 participants. Similar to last few editions this edition is also of seven days duration, based on feedback from delegates to make it more compact and with the objective of making it more frugal.

As you would recall, the guiding philosophy of the program is empowering the next generation of India's transporters/ fleet owners to "Take forward their family business with their OWN vision", as propounded by Mr. Anand Mahindra while launching the program on the side-lines of the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards ceremony on 9th Jan '13.

MPOWER program is growing from strength to strength as our signature initiative to drive positive change in Indian Transport. In terms of numbers, with this batch we have involved 246 nextgen transporters who together own over 54,000 trucks (and utilize at least 50% of this no in addition from market), with a combined turnover of Rs. 21,000 Crores employing over 57,100 people.

For MPOWER IX, 25 young transport entrepreneurs, chosen by invitation and belonging to some of the finest transport companies of India, checked-in for the 7 days course which is aimed at professionalizing the Indian transport sector in the long run. A course that has been specifically designed keeping the transport sector issues in focus. Seven highly accomplished faculty members of IIMA are running the course that covers subjects like, PROFESSIONALISM, BUSINESS PLANNING, MARKET& SEGMENTS, HR PRACTICES, SERVICE QUALITY, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT& ACCOUNTING, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, LEGAL AND REGULATORY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRY FOCUSSED SESSIONS.

Snapshot of the MPOWER VI:

  • 26 Participants
  • Average Age: 29 years
  • From 15 Cities
  • 18 Load Segments/ Applications (Dry Bulk, Parcel, FTL, LTL, Liquid Bulk, EXIM Containers, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Electronics, ODC & Project Cargo, Multi-modal, Finished Vehicles Transportation, Tire Transportation, Sugarcane Transportation, Cold Chain Logistic, Warehousing)
  • Cumulative turnover of Rs. 2285 Crores
  • Owning over 4085 trucks.

The past 8 batches of MPOWER were a huge success not only in terms of an emotional connect with the nextgen of transporters but also in terms of bringing our business and offerings in their focus and also helping start a business relation with many of the people who attended. This successful engagement has motivated us to reinvest in driving a positive change in the transport ecosystem while nurturing our business interest. We are confident that this program too will be a grand success and strengthen our brand even further, along with other initiatives like the Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards. All these initiatives will help us connect with various constituents of the Indian transport ecosystem at both the rational and emotional levels, which can be leveraged to build a strong market presence for Mahindra Trucks and Buses Division.