MPOWER War Room 4

  • Overview

MPOWER War Room Room is an extension of the MPOWER programme in which the original participants of MPOWER are examined to see how well they have learned and benefited from the programme. It’s a business competition where all the participants present case studies to depict how well they have implemented their learning from the MPOWER programme in their family businesses. The main objective of the War Room is to provide a platform to the participants to gauge how far they have come in their transport business and how the learnings from MPOWER has helped them OUTPERFORM.

MPOWER WAR ROOM IV - A Conclave of Transport Supremos

MPOWER program was designed with a vision to provide a platform to cater to the learning needs of the young, nextgen transporters. The program curriculum is designed to include the aspects facilitating the transport business decisions relating to the choice of markets, procurement, production and dispatch planning, plant location and layout, procurement and distribution network planning, route optimization, determining the ideal fleet size, warehouse location and operations, desired inventory levels and so on. This helps the young transporters make better informed decisions to take their business to the next level of success. Cumulatively, MPOWER has been conducted for 13 batches with 340 participants PAN India from various Transport segments. The participants of all the 13 batches vouch for their experience to be very rich. They are confident of taking their family business to the next level by applying all the learning from the MPOWER program.

MPOWER WAR ROOM is a brand extension of MPOWER that helps its participants to take the learning experience to an advanced stage. 'MPOWER War Room', which was launched in July 2014 with the objective of making MPOWER delegates of past batches to introspect/ reflect and present on the following subject:

"Successes and Challenges in implementing what I learnt during Mahindra MPOWER at IIM, Ahmedabad, back into my business".

The War Room aims to explore the transformation that the MPOWER participants were able to bring about in their organizations after attending the MPOWER program, as well as the challenges they might have faced during the implementation process.


The 4th edition of Mpower War room was conducted from 23rd - 25th Nov, 2017, which was hosted at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Here's a photo-report of the MPOWER WAR Room IV:

24th Nov, 2017 - Expert Jury

Delegates were very excited to meet each other and participants from different MPOWER batches. 15 Finalist were present for the final show down.

The MTBD Team and IIM Professors interacted with 15 War Room Delegates, it was a delightful sight to see the enthusiasm of Mr. Chetan Lodaya, a specially abled participant who was one of the contestant for War Room IV.

The session began with a brief introduction about MPOWER War Room IV and context setting by self. Shashank Patwa took the delegates and Jury through the objectives of MPOWER WAR Room IV and what the delegates and Jury must look forward for the next 2 days at IIM.

The Expert Jury Consisted of:-

Name Designation Organization
Girish Mirchandani Chief Editor Transtopics
Bhushan M Editor CV Magazine
Allwyn Crasto Sub Regional Head, South Asia Transportation and Distribution Safety BASF India Limited
Tej Nirmal Singh Plaha Director & Head - LAS, Ericsson India GFBE Shared Services Organization Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Devdip Purkayastha President - India Operations CHEP India
Prof Debjit Factuality Member, Production and Quantitative Methods IIM Ahmedabad
Prof Amit Karna Factuality Member, Business Policy IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Sobhesh Agrawalla Factuality Member, Finance and Accounting IIM Ahmedabad


Presentations began at 9:30 am. 15 young transport entrepreneurs battled it out to showcase their OUTPERFORMANCE stories, based on their learnings from the MPOWER program they had attended at IIM Ahmedabad, the presentations were made on topics ranging from Innovation in Business, Business intelligence, IT Infrastructure, Business Re-structuring, Safety measures across organization to Business Diversification. Their success story, which were filled with inspiration and vision and what they learnt in the 'MPOWER' sessions was visible. The incremental innovation and tweaks inspired everyone in the room, who responded to such bits with a constant clapping. Every presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the Jury members.

Networking Dinner

This was a much awaited part of the program as the participants and Jury were eagerly waiting for the final names to be presented to Grand jury.

During the Networking dinner, we shared views on the MPOWER initiatives and Mahindra's Vision for this kind of initiatives. Prof. Debjit also shared his views on 15 case study with the audience, participants shared their testimony of the WAR ROOM and MPOWER initiatives by Mahindra. Participants were happy about the different learning that they are getting from other participants.

An informal discussion was initiated with delegates Transport Ecosystem. A lot of insights from the top-notch industry stakeholders came forward.

Finalist for Grand Jury

The finalists were as follows, as there were 2 tie up for the 6th place hence this batch witnessed 7 Finalist for the Grand Jury.

  • 1) Mr. Rishab Gandhi of Raman Roadways from Gujarat
  • 2) Mr. Hardik Gahlot of Reshamsingh & Co. from Kutch
  • 3) Mr. Gurvinder Singh Grewal of Diamond Roadlines from Mumbai
  • 4) Mr. Rohit Patravali of Esteem Trucking Company from Hubli-Dharwad
  • 5) Mr. Jehaan Adil Kotwal of JFK Transport from Mumbai
  • 6) Mr. Sanjay Gogri of Bharti Infraconstructions Pvt. Ltd. from Mumbai
  • 7) Mr. Jitesh Chunnilal Chheda of Chheda Cargo Carriers from Mumbai

Prof. Debjit shared some tips with these finalists to make their presentations better for the Big Day.

Grand Jury - 25th Nov, 2017

After a day full of excitement, the next day began early with the 7 finalists preparing for the presentations. The Grand Jury assembled and the event began at 9:30 am. The program began with a keynote address by self, welcoming the participants and encouraging the entire contingent for their trailblazing efforts in implementing what they learnt during MPOWER back into their business.

Grand Jury Members:

Name Designation Organization
Brinda Jagirdar Former Chief Economist, SBI Director, Capital First and Rane Engine Valves
S K Krishnan VP - Demand Chain Management Mahindra & Mahindra
Pradeep Saxena Country Head Sewells MSXI India
Prof. Debjit Roy Production and Quantitative Methods IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Arvind Sahay Marketing IIM Ahmedabad
Prof. Chitra Singla Business Policies IIM Ahmedabad


Participant reworked on the presentation based on Prof Debjit's suggestion last evening (24th Nov, 2017).

Every presentation was followed by questions from the jury, testing the mettle of the 7 finalists. The quick breaks in between the sessions allowed the participants and Grand Jury members to exchange a few words.

Mr. S K Krishnan - VP - Demand Chain Management, Mahindra Automotive Division, appreciated how Mahindra Truck and Bus continue to work closely with the MPOWER participants. MPOWER, WAR ROOM are just milestones in the way and MTBD is committed to help them in the journey of excellence. He also thanked Professor, Jury and the participant for taking time out and making War Room IV as success.

Prof Debjit and Prof Chitra Singla also share their views on War Room Presentation.

The winner for the MPOWER War Room IV were:

Winner - Mr. Rishab Gandhi of Raman Roadways from Gujarat presented on "Umeed" Software & Performance Management System".

First Runner-up - Mr. Hardik Gahlot of Reshamsingh & Co. from Kutch presented on "Development of Customized Barge for Multi-Modal Transportation of HP Surge Vessels"

Second Runner-up - Mr. Gurvinder Singh Grewal of Diamond Roadlines from Mumbai presented on "Business Optimization"

Second Runner-up - Mr. Rohit Patravali of Esteem Trucking Company from Hubli-Dharwad presented on "Streamlining Operations"

MPOWER WAR ROOM case studies eventually will be featured in the Third Edition of IIM Text book on Transport & Logistics - Trucking Business Management - Cases and Concepts and thereby become institutionalized and permanent fixtures of knowledge for our industry. We would persist with this kind of engagement with constituents of our road transport ecosystem as a part of the Mahindra brand philosophy of RISE, to drive positive change in our ecosystem and also help develop business prospects for MTB, in the process.