About Awards

Award Themes

The Awards selection will be based on case studies and / or presentations that clearly highlight and represent any one or more of the under-mentioned three themes, which represent the ethos of OUTPERFORMANCE

1. Accepting No Limits: Dare To Disturb The Universe

Those who think big and look beyond conventional boundaries, are adaptable and agile, benchmark beyond global best-in-class, and take well-reasoned risks to deliver breakthrough products, services and solutions for their customers.

2. Alternative Thinking: Add Value Through Ingenuity

Those who apply alternative thinking and new approaches in everyday work-life, seek-out fresh, diverse perspectives and reward those who deliver alternative thinking. Those who direct intellect towards customer focused innovation and use their ingenuity to add value to their stakeholders.

3. Driving Positive Change: Shape Destinies

Those who deeply understand the needs of their customers and offer them quality products and services that will not only delight them but also improve and transform their lives. Those who put their customers at the centre of their business and build strong relationships with them, while acting with the highest standards of integrity. Those who strive to bring about positive change in their own lives and enable their customers and communities to rise.